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About Italia Express Edinburgh

We believe that quality is what leads every project to excellence. With that belief, we put constant efforts into making our dishes to stand out, both in quality and taste. Our dedicated team maintains strict guidelines for maintaining perfect hygiene in our kitchen. To ensure top quality, we use the freshest of ingredients bought from the market. You'll find perfect ambience at our restaurant while you tear the cheese off of your favourite pizza. Be it your breakfast, your lunch or your dinner, we'll bring up the best to satisfy your hunger. You can now also order online from us. To do so, just download our app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for free and all of our menus on your smartphone. From there, order whatever you wish to and we'd ensure all our resources are being used to make the food phenomenal for you. Order from us today.

Italia Express Edinburgh Restaurant

Our location is also perfect just like our dishes. 159 Dundee Street, Edinburgh, EH11 1BY is the place where are located. This place is right at the heart of the city and is greatly facilitated by a lot of factors. Transportation is true of the hassle-free nature here as are the options in the conveyance. Thanks to the linking roads, this place is suitably connected with practically every part of the city. Our delivery services have been accelerated because of the lack of traffic, just as our customers are able to reach us without facing any unnecessary traffic jams. Still, you can use our app for instant navigation if finding us seems like a tedious job for you. You can also browse our website for any reference. Reach us now.
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